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It's blossomtime

Wat bof ik toch met zo'n kleine tuin dat er een groenwal van de gemeente achter mijn tuin is. Het was genieten van de bloessem van de vogelkers. Prachtig. Ook de Malus Red Sentinel toont haar pracht op dit moment. Heerlijke zomerse  temperaturen van de laatste week 28C helemaal geweldig.
I am so lucky to have a greenwall behind my little garden. Enjoying the blossom from the wild cherrytree. And this green makes me focus the eye to what's growing in this greenwall making the size of my little garden seem to be much bigger. Having summertemperatures last week 28C fantastic.

Wild cherry Blossom


And what a little bit of water and food can do? I planted a climbing rose named Laure Davoust to grow into this dead shrub  (well I thought so (lol). It came back to life again.

Buds in rose Dresdner Barock

And buds in new planted rose Stanwell Perpetuall

How great it is to hear the birds singing theire lungs out!!!

 Brown foliage of the Geranium Macculatum
I count 15 big buts i…

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