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memories 2022 (3)

 The weather is behaving very strange. Last friday a lot of snow the first of this wintertime and frost. Tomorrow 15C and a lot of wind. No springweather here in Holland. I go back in my archive of 2022 Always a happy moment to see the first flowers in the roses 15 th of May Mossrose Blackboy  Purple Splash/O wow Sweet Pretty/Astronomia A Shropshire Lad Dresdner Barock Fantin Latour Pretty Sunrise Sir Edward Elgar Madame Isaac Perreire Dresdner Barock A Shropshire Lad Marie Curie Clematis Abraham Darby Another couple op days closer to the moment that the roses are showing theire beauty. A fantastic new week ahead. Rosehugs Marijke

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Memories of 2022 (2)

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