Sourire d'Orchidee 2019

Toen mijn rozenpassie een aanvang nam,  zocht ik rozen die zo gevuld en zo
groot mogelijk waren. Inmiddels zoek ik op de aantallen bloemen die een 
roos brengt. De hier getoonde roos is er een met veel bloemen, half gevuld en
nog een heerlijke, maar licht geur, ook.

When my passion for roses started I was looking for roses with big and
thick filled blooms. But now I see in this rose how beautiful the amount
of blooms is. I love this rose and her light but lovely fragance.

First flower at 24th of May

Amazed by the amount of buds it brought

28th of May


Second flush started at 4th of August

23rd of August

I am afraid of pruning. But after couple of month's not pruning
I had to do something. Planted the rose to close to the path that leads
to the frontdoor. We were hangen with our coats at the needle's of
the rose so i gave it hard prune 2 days ago

I wish you a beautiful day

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    Your roses grows very much! It' s lovely to see your different roses in your garden. I'm not so good with pruning myself, but sometimes the roses grow more than you wish.
    Lovely color.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good morning dear Marit,
      The roses in my garden are so tall because I get not a nice feeling in my stomach at the moment that it's time to start pruning. The roses are showing theire new growth at that moment and it's hard for me to take it off and the roses have to start all over again (fun). I know I am a stranger.
      But there are moments that I can't wait start pruning.
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. Hello dear Marijke
      I like filled roses too, but the open roses are also nice. I have Spurire d´orchidee too. I have not had it for at lot of years, bu I think it will bee much better this year. I will show you when time comes for flowering. I don´t like to proone my roses, but it is a must, then it will flower nicely.
      Rosehugs Lisbeth

    3. Hello dear Lisbeth
      It s a great en very healthy rise. I am looking forward to see it in your blog. I planning to give all the roses a good prune soon. I am looking forward to see what the prunnimg will do with the roses. Have a wonderful evening
      Rosehugs marijke


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