De droogte en de hitte duren nu wel heel lang. Vandaag 37C. Hoe vaak ik
in het verleden wel gedacht heb hoe geweldig het zou zijn als de zomer
gevuld zou zijn met blauwe luchten en warmte als wij de zoveelste natte
zomer weer hadden. Maar mijn gedachten zijn veranderd. Ik vindt de hitte
niet meer fijn en hoop dat er eindelijk weer een beetje "normaal" zomer
weer komt. Tuinen mogen niet meer bewaterd worden en gevraagd wordt
om zuinig te zijn met water. De rozen houden van dit weer. De bloemen
zijn veel kleiner dan normaal maar toch wel mooi om te zien. Om 6.00 uur
al buiten om een heerlijke lange wandeling te maken met mijn lieve
hond. Overdag is het ook voor hem veel te heet om te wandelen.

The drought and heat are lasting to long. Today 37C. I can't tell you
how often I was thinking how great it would be to have a warm and
dry summer when we had "normal"wet summers. Well I changed my
mind. I am longing for a couple of rainy days. It's not aloud anymore
to water the garden and people are asked to save water. The roses
seem to love this kind of weather. The flowers they bring are smaller
but they bring the garden some color. At 6.00 am I start the day
to have a long walk with my dog. During the day it's far to hot to
go outside.


That's Jazz

Chartreuse de Parme

Lovely scented Stanwell Perpetual


Cardiff Castle

Beautiful hips of rose Dresdner Barok

Winchester Cathedral


Jaqueline du Pre

Rose de Resht

Parure d'Or

The scent of Compassion is coming into my bedroom window

Scotsman loves this kind of weather

So does Azubis/Indigoletta

In a couple of hours the roseflowers are roasted

Purple Splash/Oh Wow

Midnight Blue



Sweet Pretty



Sir Edward Elgar

Blackberry Nipp

Munstead Wood

The flowers of Hydrangea are not recovering I was to late to bring them water

Paul Ricard


The flowers of Pilgrim are not perfect but bring in some color into the garden

Sourire d'Orchidee

Marie Curie

Brown Velvet

Jacques Cartier

Have a wonderful day and keep your heads cool!!
Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Marijke, I hope the heatwave subsides soon for you, roses don't like heat at all nevertheless you have many beautiful blooms, here temperatures well over 40 are the norm every summer and that is the biggest obstacle to grow roses here. Marijke I want to ask you something ¿what's the distance you plant the David Austin roses? your garden looks very densely planted ¿are they planted very close? I am new to David Austin roses, I have bought some recently and still haven't planted them in the ground and I'd love to know how you get that "rose jungle effect you have in your garden. Have a nice day full of Roses!

    1. Hello MDN,
      Sorry for the late replay. It's not 37C anymore pffft but still close to 30C. It's not what we
      use to have. I don't want to think about having 40C. I am greatfull that we don't have that
      temperatures overhere. I see now what the sunburn and heat is doing to the roseflowers.
      I've planted my Austinroses about 80 cm from eachother. The reason why the roses are
      so huge is that I don't prune them often. The first 3 years I only cut the old flowers and the dead wood away, that's it. I love to see the roses grow in theire natural way. And after this 3 years I prune not more than 1/3 of the plant. If you want to see a beautiful garden
      where roses are growing in theire natural way than visit the beautiful blog of Alice in Denmark. http://alicesoesser.blogspot.com/. I wish you a beautiful roseyear!!
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Marijke, volgens mij slaat het sproeiverbod van de waterschappen op het gebruiken van oppervlaktewater ( uit sloten, meren ), maar (nog) niet op het gieten en werken met de tuinslang met kraanwater. Selectief sproeien met de tuinslang mag dus.
    Of je moet zeker weten dat jouw waterleidingbedrijf een verbod heeft afgekondigd om de tuin te besproeien. Dat is wat anders dan hun advies om zuiniger te doen met water.
    En als jijzelf kans ziet om 2 minuten te douchen, hou je 5 tot 10 minuten over om de meest zielige planten water te geven ;-)
    Hartelijke groet van Zem.

    1. Goedemorgen Zem,
      Je hebt gelijk! Ik ben veel te laat geweest met het water geven aan de hortensia's. Er zijn er 2
      bij die denk ik het niet meer gaan redden. Ik geef ze nu 10 liter water elk per dag. Water uit
      de vijver. En vul de vijver weer aan met nieuwe water. Want zelfs het vijver water wordt nu
      veel te warm voor de vissen. Mijn hoop was gevestigd op afgelopen zaterdag. Maar ook toen
      kwam er maar heel weinig regen. Laten we hopen dat het weer zich spoedig "normaal"gaat gedragen.
      Hartelijke groetjes Marijke

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    It would be nice with some rain or rather a lot of rain, they promis this weekend, but I am not sure that we get it. Your roses are really nice, my roses don´t either get water, but they flower anyway not much but they do.
    We will wish rain for the weekend.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

    1. Good morning dear Lisbeth,
      This weekend we only got 6 minutes rain that was it! I was to late watering the hydrangya's.
      Some will not survive this summer. The flowers of my roses are much smaller this 2nd flush. But they are bringing some color and that's what is important.
      Have a wonderful week ahead Lisbeth,
      Rosehugs Marijke

  4. Poor things, your roses Marijke. Heatwave is moving here as well, but we have had some rains, now I will water my plants once in two days. I always love watch your roses, Paul Ricard and Azubis are pretty. How often do you water them in drought?

    1. Good morning dear Nadezda,
      I was always told not to water the roses extra to force the roots to go into the deep. They
      should make a better oppertunity to survive in wintertime. But I do give them extra water
      now once a week. Because the foliage is getting yellow. Azubis is on her best now. She needs
      a warm summer to show her beauty. With normal summers her flowers turn on to brown balls when she get's rain on it.
      Have a wonderful week ahead.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  5. Hello, dear Marijke, yes it's way too warm.. I hope we are getting some rain soon.
    Your roses are so beautiful, it's a joy to see your photos.
    I'm in love with Indigoletta, does it bloom all summer long?
    Lovely evening,

    Rosehugs, Ida

    1. Good morning dear Ida,
      Indigoletta is having the time of her live this year. I was growing it together with
      clematisses but she did not like that. The clematis is gone and it looks like she can
      breath again. Yes it brings flowers through the year.
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  6. Dear Marijke,

    37 degrees sounds terrible. It was 33,8 here this afternoon, and it's still 25 degrees right now. They perdict rain tomorrow, but I do not belive it before I see it...

    Your roses are still lovely. Sad about your hydrangea. They need very much water. I have mine in big pots, and they need water twice a day.

    I wish you a nice evening.

    Rosehugs, Marit

  7. Ja het is me wat!! Maar gister hadden we een bui en is de ergste hitte van de baan. De rozen bloeien bij mij niet zo uitbundig als bij jou. Misschien komt het later weer. Groetjes Hetty

  8. The weather is very different from what was usual. In northern Europe there is immense heat and here more to the south (Portugal), which was usually much warmer at this time of year, temperatures have been low mostly in the coastal areas.
    Your roses are wonderful.
    Have a nice week
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

  9. We also have a heatwave here in state of Washington. It should end tomorrow. I watered my hydrangeas pretty often. Hope, your hydrangea will recover! The roses are still look delightful! Have a nice August!

  10. We also have a heatwave here in state of Washington. It should end tomorrow. I watered my hydrangeas pretty often. Hope, your hydrangea will recover! The roses are still look delightful! Have a nice August!

  11. Les roses s'accomodent bien de la chaleur, voire de la sécheresse mais les hydrangeas sont bien malheureux, comme les plantes d'accompagnement d'ailleurs. Je pense que je vais aller dans une école de Sioux pour apprendre la danse de la pluie, un grand chaman devrait bien m'apprendre à devenir une as, ras le bol de ce temps sec. Courage chez toi, les températures de fou finiront bien par redescendre mais je me demande ce que nous réserve l'automne et l'hiver. En tout cas chez toi c'est pas trop mal, même Leander est en fleurs (chez moi il ne remonte pas et je n'y comprends rien). A bientôt, bises.

  12. Prachtig al die mooie rozen Marijke.
    Groetjes Tinie


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