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 Het is een beetje vreemd om nu te gaan schrijven over wat er op 3 juni gebeurde in mijn tuintje terwijl alle rozen al een aantal dagen helemaal in bloei staan. Maar ja ik schrijf  dit blog  om in de winter lekker terug te kunnen kijken naar wat er op een bepaalde dag gebeurde. Wat mij opvalt is dat de zowel de bloemen als het blad van de rozen dit jaar veel groter is. De laatste 3 winters en zomers hadden we weinig regen. De rozenmest kwam niet bij de wortels. Misschien hebben de rozen na de lange koude en kletsnatte lente ineens de mest ineens gekregen van de afgelopen 3 jaar. We hebben fantastisch weer en buiten is het dan ook heerlijk.

It's a bit strange to write about what happend in the garden at the 3rd of June, knowing that all the roses are in full bloom at the moment. But I use my blog as a garden diary to read back in wintertime what happened on a certain day in the garden. I notice that the flowers and leaves of the roses are much larger as normal. I have the idea that the fertelizer finaly reached the roots after 3 dry winters and summer. The lots of rain we've had in spring did the work I think.

3rd of June the first in Blue for You. I am happy the bee's are happy

Abraham Darby get's color every hour. I controled how the opening flower looked like (fun)

Crown Princess Margarete opens some first flowers

At the front many buds in The Pilgrim.

Stanwell Perpetual  in the morning

Stanwell Perpetual in the afternoon

Glamis Castle

Sir Edward Elgar. Yes a lot of roseshrubs got yellow leaves caused by the long cold spring
and the suddenly high temperatures a day later. But the roses are able to drop of this unwanted leaves.

One of my neighbours brought me a selfmade servetray that day. I love it!

Felicite Parmentier get's color

Purple Splash ready to open up

Clematis Warzawska Nike

June 4th

Sir Edward Elgar

Purple Splash

Clematis Warzaska Nike

The first in Buff Beauty

Frau Eva Schubert

More color in Abraham Darby

The first flower in Sourire d'Orchidee

The first color in The Pilgrim

My front garden early in the morning The young birds flew out it's quiet now.

I hope you are all in a good health!!! 


  1. Good evening dear Marijke,

    Your roses are so lovely! You have so many roses, and it must be difficult to remember all the names. Beautiful tray.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Rosehugs, Marit

  2. Hi, thank you for those beautiful rose-pictures! They are so lovely.
    You (and my friend Anne) will understand my really deep sorrow not to be able to see my three (only) roses on my balcony in Berlin bloom - when I left for Bavaria, two had many buds - "Gertrude Jekyll" was almost blooming - and I miss her beauty and lovely smell and hope that my kind neighbour will water them well and enjoy them.
    On my huge Bavaria balcony I only have a dwarf rose, could not resist at the supermarket - it is a tiny, tiny damascene rose.
    Otherwise I enjoy all the lovely dog roses (rosa Janina) that splurge like waterfalls over the hedges at the edge of fields and woods here.

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    I have enjoyed all your photoes of your roses and clematis, nice to see.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

  4. Good morning Marijke!
    Lovely roses in your garden. I have no flowers yet on my few roses. I have one bush that flowers now, all the others are blooming later on. I love the colour on Abraham Darby .
    Have a lovely day /Hugs Marika

  5. Beautiful display, Marijke, adequate repayment for suffering through a long winter without colour. And I couldn't fail to notice the bird house on the wall. Made my heart sing! Enjoy the rest of the week! All the best. David

  6. Dear Marijke,
    your roses are beautiful as always. I liked Sir Edward Elgar the most. Lovely color! I think your fertilizer did its work well.
    Clematises are pretty as well, mine are too late. Happy Tuesday!

  7. Inderdaad het is mij ook opgevallen dat de rozen grotere bloemen geven. Misschien waren we vergeten hoe mooi de bloemen waren in gewone jaren zonder extreem weer!


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