It's Summertime

Wat een super weer hebben we toch. Vanmorgen vroeg opgestaan en al
heel wat gieters met water gesjouwd. Ik durfde toch niet te wachten op de
voorspelde regen van vanavond dus de rozen maar water gegeven.
De klei in mijn tuintje is inmiddels veranderd in rotsgrond. Ik had wat
plantjes gekocht maar ik krijg de schep de grond niet in. 

Wow what a beautiful weather we have. Got up early this morning and
I already brought a lot of wateringcan's to my roses. Rain is forcasted
for the coming night but the garden is so very dry. The claysoil changed
into a rocksoil. I bought some plants but I can't dig a hole.


Rose Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavallee

Rose Madame Plantier

 Rose Pat Austin

Rose The Pilgrim

Rose Abraham Darby


Rose Heritage

Rose James Galway

Rose Jaqueline du Pre

Rose Sourir d'Orchidee is doing so great. On this photo on the right side

Not much left of the shrub Styrax Japonicum

Rose Parure d'Or

Rose Compassion


 Rose Blue for You

Rose Buff Beauty

Rose Winchester Cathedral

Rose Chartreuse de Parme. If you want a rose with heavenly buy it.

Rose Dresdner Barock. Small flowers. I love this one


  Rose Fatin Latour

 The Ambridgerose


 Rose Midnight Blue

 Sweet Pretty/Astronomia

Rose Blauwestad

 Rose Purple Splash/O wow

 Rose Marie Curie


This naughty dog of mine Vito keeps me busy the whole
day long to keep him out of the pond.

Geniet allemaal van het prachtige weer!!

Have a wonderful weekend

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Dear Marijke,
    here in Vienna we also have sunshine, but a lot of rain as well. So it is not as dry.
    As always you took lovely pictures! My favourites are Games Galway and Fatin Latour. Would love to have them too! Rose Marie Curie has been growing in my garden for some years now.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello dear Marijke
      I have enjoyed all your pictures, here i warm too and we need rain, but I don´t think we will get any for som time. I was a bit sad when I sow your Ambridge Rose, I had one too but it is dead, and I can´t find a new one. I is lovely to see how long your garden and your roses are.
      Rosehugs Lisbeth

    2. Dear Lisa,
      Because my house is in a raw, and small it's about 38C behind my house. I stayed in the house the whole day long. When I was young temperatures did not matter. I tried today to do something but soon my head felt like I was drunk so I stoped. Too hot!! For you it must be difficult to breath. Sun, high temperatures and rain, it does not feel good. If you like James Galway give it a place at the back of the border because it make long canes and only flowers on the top.
      Have a wonderful day Lisa.
      Rosehugs Marijke

    3. Hello dear Lisbeth,
      It's too hot overhere. I am inside the house the whole day long. I tried to do something in the garden but it does not work. I feel that I am getting a little bit older. My head felt like I was drunk so time to stop. If you want the The Ambridgerose I can order it for you if you want. And no you don't have to pay me. But you have to be patient, it can be
      delivered bare rooth in Autumn and I can sent it you by parcelpost. It's an old Austin rose and not an easy one to grow. Just like the Evelyn. Last year it brought only one flower.
      But this year it looks hopefull. Let me know!!!!
      Have a wonderful day Lisbeth
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Wat is het mooi in je tuin Marijke, geniet er maar lekker van.
    Ik ben net naar binnen gegaan het is mij nu te warm. 32 graden in de schaduw pfffffff
    Groetjes Tinie

    1. Hallo Tinie,
      Genieten doe ik zeker maar vandaag van 5.30 tot 10.00 uur. Veel te heet voor een ouwe
      vrouw (lol). Mopperen, nee hoor dat doe ik niet. Gewoon een beetje aanpassen.
      Heerlijke dag gewenst Tinie.

  3. Wat een pracht en praal bij jou!
    Maar de regen zie ik nog niet komen. Ik moet ook dagelijks mijn potplanten en zaaigoed sproeien.
    Zomer in het voorjaar!
    Hartelijke groet, Zem.

    1. Inderdaad Zem, geen druppel regen hier. Het is heerlijk in mijn tuintje. Alles komt
      tot bloei ik wordt er helemaal gelukkig van. En inderdaad het is zomer en dat al in Mei.
      Hartelijke groetjes

  4. Your garden is luxuriant ! Amazing roses !
    Here is raining from yesterday, so i woul love some sun and degrees Celsius from your weather :)
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Marijke ! Rosehugs !

    1. Goodmorning dear Dani,
      Thank you for your kind comment. My garden makes me so happy!
      I promisse I blow some better weather your way.
      Have a wonderful sunday.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  5. Hello dear Marijke!

    Lovely roses in your garden! You have so many different.
    Vito is so cute. Dogs loves water :)

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good morning dear Marit,
      The roses are doing amazingly well this year. And yes I have a lot of them. I think the
      weather we have at the moment is perfect for them. Sometimes I wish I had also other
      plants in my garden. But if the garden is small you have to make a choice and I can't have it all. But I am happy with what I got.
      have a wonderful sunday
      Rosehugs Marijke

  6. I love seeing your roses Marijke, I grow a few french Delbard roses but it's a constant battle to keep them well in our humid weather, but then I can always visit your blog and enjoy yours and Vito looks so handsome! Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful garden.

    1. Hello Klara,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I love orchids but we have to grow them inside the
      house what is not easy because the air is to dry for them. I love to visit your blog to see
      the beauty that orchids are bringing.
      Have a wonderful day.

  7. Rich set of roses! great garden!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

    1. Hello Juliana,
      Great to see that you like what my little garden is showing.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  8. Wat is het droog he! Geeen druppel gehad en ook vandaag zag ik de donkere wolken aan mij voorbij gaan! Met de tuinslang aan de gang elke dag weer om de jonge planten wr doorheen te trekken. Prachtige rozen heb je al in bloei! Groetjes Hetty

    1. Hey Hetty,
      Het is krukdroog hier. Toen ik op buienradar keek was ik eerst hoopvol maar er zijn maar 2 druppels gevallen hier. En inderdaad ik moet echt met de tuinslang aan de gang vanavond. Ja en de rozen dat is een explosie van bloemen. Heerlijk.
      Fijne dag gewenst.

  9. Your roses are just gorgeous, Marijke!
    Our weather has been far less than desirable for the past couple of weeks.
    A whole lot of rain, and unseasonably cool.
    Hopefully it will change soon.
    Some of my roses have buds, and one is in bloom.
    So nice to see.
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend.

    1. Goodmorning dear Lisa,
      We've had your weather the whole month of april. I can imagine you like a different kind of weather. Until now the weather is heavenly. But the garden get's very thirsty.
      But rain is forecasted for the coming week.
      I keep my fingers crossed for you that your weather will become much better.
      Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
      Rosehugs Marijke


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