Flowers 29th May

Gelukkig geen schade op deze dag van het noodweer dat zou
komen. Wel een heerlijke dosis gewone regen. Nog meer snel
even wat foto's gemaakt voordat de regen kwam

I am happy that the forecasted bad weather was'nt here. Only
a welcome dosis of rain. Took the photo's before the rain came in

Dutchess de Montebello

Chartreuse de Parme

Pretty Sunrise

A waterfall of flowers brought by rose Merveille


Penny Lane

Maybe it would have been better to cut the buds out from this Kaiser Wilhelm I.
Planted bareroot this spring. She even did get the time to grow and the flowers take
a lot of energy. An exciting time when you see the flower opening for the first time.

Sir Edwar Elgar

Fantin Latour get's bigger and bigger


 Buff Beauty is a beauty to me

Felicite Parmentier

And I know it's name now. Gallica Versicolor


Jacques Cartier


James Galway

Loure Davoust

Commandant Beaurepaire

Sebastian Kneipp

Madame Plantier

Burgundy Ice


 Have a wonderful day 




  1. Que de belles chez toi !
    Dis moi Sebastien Kneip, comment le trouves tu ? J'ai pensé un temps l'avoir au jardin mais j'ai renoncé car je le croyais trop petit.
    En es-tu contente ?
    Bises ma belle, ici il pleut (ras le bol !!!) et la météo annoncée pour la semaine prochaine n'a pas de quoi me réjouir.
    Je pense que seuls les limaces et escargots sont heureux de ce temps "mouillé".

    1. Hello Siam,
      It took Sebastian Kneipp almost 3 year before it was a bit of a roseshrub. But now it makes
      very long growth and the wind and heavy rain blow it a apart. So tomorrow I have to give it some support. The flowers are really a dream with a lovely scent. And I was also shocked this morning to see the army of snails early this morning on my Hosta's I have no idea where they all came frome. And no the weather won't be nice coming week but I am happy that the heat and heavy thunderstorms are gone.
      Have a wonderful weekend
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. Dat is daar een echt rozen paradijs

    3. Het is onwijs genieten op dit moment Natuurlijk-rijk.
      Maar dat zal bij jou ook ongetwijfeld zo zijn.
      Heerlijk weekend gewenst.
      Hartelijke groet Marijke

  2. Dear Marijke,
    your roses are beautiful. I love your rose Fantin Latour. It is such a lovely big plant and its flowers! Just so lovely! I saw Fantin Latour roses in English gardens last week and it seems to perform so well everywhere. At Kiftsgate Courte Garden they even sold an Fantin Latour rose, but as I had already bought another rose I could´t buy it as I didn´t have enough space to take two roses back to Vienna.
    Best wishes,

    1. Good evening dear Lisa
      The blooms of Fantin latour are breathtaking. But this rose growed out to be a huge one
      in my garden. I can imagine how difficult it is not to buy a couple of roses that you have
      seen with your own eyes (fun). And maybe it´s better to visit England by car (more space to bring new roses) fun!!
      Have a wonderful evening and I am excited to see what rose you did buy.
      Rosehugs Marijke


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