Flowers of 7th and 8th of June

Na een maand van zomers weer moeten we weer even wennen aan
het koele weer. Ik ben blij dat ik niet de eigenaar van een rozenkwekerij
ben. Ik besef mij nu pas eens hoe afhankelijk zo'n kwekerij is van
het weer. We willen geen rozen meer die bespoten zijn met chemicaliën
maar ook geen planten die aangegeten worden door de insecten. 
Gelukkig zijn in mijn tuintje de insecten welkom, het hoort nu
eenmaal bij de natuur.

After a month of summerweather it cooled down to 17C. I am happy
that I am not the owner of a rosenursery. I realize how dependent 
they are of the weather. We customers don't want roses that are
sprayed with chemicals but also don't want a rose that's eaten by
insects. In my little garden the insects are welcome.

Black Boy Kordes is showing that it feels comfortable

I have a small garden and this rose Brown Velvet is not an easy one. I doubted many
times to get it out of my garden and plant another one that will do great. But when
the spare flowers that it bring arrive I accept the way is growing. The color is
very special.

Laure Davoust

The lovely Sebastian Kneipp

Deuil de Paul Fontaine

 Marie Curie




Burgundy Ice

Sweet Pretty

Buff Beauty

Penny Lane

Munstead Wood only one flower

Sir Edward Elgar

Fantin Latour

Baron de Rotteschild


Purple Splash

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Marijke, your rose garden looks sublime! the roses are splendid, all the varieties! I spray my roses, I have no option : if I don't spray I can't have roses, insects here in the subtropic are a big problem: beetles, ants, locusts all them feed on roses not to mention diseases and fungi, spraying here is a must. Have a wonderful day full of Roses!

    1. Hello MDN,
      It´s not nice to have to watch your rose getting destroyed by insects. I can understand
      why you have to spray. I recognize now how the dry weather get´s the roses in good shape.
      No fungi at the moment. In other years my roses were compleet without any leave before
      they even got the chance to go into the 2nd flush. Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Hello dear Marijke,

    Beautiful roses as always. Sweet Pretty is so...pretty :)
    I wish you a wonderful evening.
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good afternoon dear Marit,
      Sweet Pretty is a wonderful one. I love it´s simplicity.
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    You have a lot of nice roses, you have some I don´t know, but we also have several of the same kind.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

    1. Hello dear Lisbeth,
      Indeed we have a several of the same kind of roses. But I see a lot of beautiful roses
      in your garden that I never heard about before. Enjoy your day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  4. Hello Marijke

    Great roses - Brown Velvet have a very interesting colour!
    The fantastic "Purple Splash" is called "Oh Wow" here.

    Have a great day

    1. hello Karsten,
      Brown Velvet has a rusty brown color that´s hard te catch with the camera. In my garden
      it´s a very weak one. But the few flowers it´s bringing are breathtaking.
      I love roses like Purple Splash. This kind of roses do amaze me that not one flower is
      identical . I love it. This rose brings long canes in the 3rd year.
      Have a wonderful evening.
      Rosehugs Marijke


  5. An Art know how to take care of Roses.
    Pruning is something super important.

    1. Good morning Casa Madeira,
      The best way to learn about growing roses is to learn about the mistakes I've made.
      Thank you for your nice comment
      Rosehugs Marijke

  6. Sebastian Kneipp, he is white, and ivory, and peach, cream, and pale yellow, and always beautiful! 'Brown Velvet' looks very good, even if it is difficult.

    Your photos are excellent, too.

    1. Good morning Hoover Boo,
      Sebastian Kneipp is a gorgeous rose. At the top of the cane it makes a wonderful
      bouquet of flowers. Brown Velvet is a very weak one. But I read on the internet that it
      will do much better in warmer climats. This rose is also know under the name Colorbreak.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  7. Dear Marijke,
    I see that despite on cool weather your roses are pretty and feel well. We in turn have had cool weather but this week we have +23-25 C and the plants grow and bloom well.
    Your photo of Penny Lane is my favorite. Is it climbing one?

    1. Good morning Nadezda,
      The cooler weather makes that the flowers stay longer. Penny Lane is a climbing one.
      Healthy, and even when it's raining the flowers stay well.
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs marijke


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