Summertime in Spring

Wat een geweldig weer hebben de laatste paar dagen. Het lijkt wel
zomer. Alles groeit als kool. Lekker aan het werk in mijn tuintje en
genieten van alles en op de achtergrond het heerlijke geluid van
de zingende vogels.

What a lovely weather we have the last couple of days. It looks
like summer. The garden is growing fast now. It's great to do things
in the garden and on the background the sound of the birds singing.

The blossom of he wildcherrytree is almost gone

Abraham Darby

My litle frontgarden

Abraham Darby

This little beauty covers the soil I love it

Many kind of insects are there also


I found this wonderful idea on the beautiful blog of Jocelyne. The flowers
of the Peonie are to heavy for the canes and always end up on the soil when
the flowers are opened. I don't like it to see a stick with every flowercane.
I think this will work out well.

Rose James Galway is huge again

At the back many buds in rose Dresdner Barock

Seedling of Helleborus Orientalis

Geranium Pheum

Some colorful plants

We were looking for something to sit on in the garden. Because the prices
were so high my husband made something himself of old pallets.

My dog Vito love's to sit on it too!! (lol)

A wonderful moment in springtime is when the Malus Red Sentinel
is showing her blossem

We had to do something to protect the outcoming Hosta. My dog loves to run
trough the garden and is not interested if there are plants ore not

The wild Hyacinth

Another seedling of the Helleborus Orientalis

The place to have my first coffee of the day in the morning. Climbingrose
Penny Lane is doing so well.

Rose Blue for You the first buds

The buds  of the Treepeonie are getting bigger by the day

Color in Rose Minerva.

Rose Asperin rose makes a nice bush

I never had so many flowers in the pink Camelia as I had this year.

Rosebud Edenrose

 I forgot it's name but I love it

Wild hyacinth

I noticed how dry the garden already is at this moment. The clay is
just like in summer as a rock.It amazes me how powerful certain plants are. And the Molopospermum
is full of power.

Darmera Peltata is showing up.

Anemone Nemorosa

And a new rose came in. Stephanie Baronin zu Guttenberg

And a big project this weekend,  the pond will be renewed .  

I wish you all lovely Eastern Holiday's enjoy the beautiful weather.

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Hello dear Marijke
    I love to see your rosebuds, we are not so far yet, but now it is a bit warmer, so I hope they will soon grow more, many of them are still small. I do the same with my peonies :) Nice garden furnitures good idee.
    Rosehugs and happy Easter

    1. Good morning dear Lisbeth,
      It's great to see the rosebuds show up!! The ones I did prune are not so far at all. The warmer weather will make a big change in the growth of your roses. I hope the peonies
      finaly get chance to show theire beauty this year. The furniture is lovely to sit on and did
      not cost a lot.
      Have a wonderful Easterweekend ahead.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Hé oui le printemps est bien là et les températures douces aussi, quel bonheur Marijke de pouvoir savourer Pâques sous le soleil et la chaleur.
    Les géraniums sont déjà là chez toi ? sympa, moi ce sera bientôt peut-être.
    Chère Marijke,
    Bravo à ton époux pour le magnifique travail qu'il a réalisé, ajouter des roulettes pour pouvoir bouger les sièges c'est génial et avec ces si beaux coussins bleus, une merveille toute en originalité.
    Finalement c'est mieux que du tout fait ! ton chien semble d'ailleurs très heureux d'avoir un fauteuil à ses dimensions.
    Je vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes, profitez du beau temps et savourez l'instant !

    1. Good morning dear Siam,
      It's really partytime outside!!! I can remember having Easter with huge amounts of rain.
      But now we can enjoy summertime. It's a great pleasure to have the new selfmade furniture.
      It was shocking to see what the shops were asking for 1 gardenchair! Not for me! (fun). My
      husband and I had a good laugh yesterday our dog on 1 seat and my three cats on the other
      one no space left for us to sit. I wish you happy en beautiful Easterdays.
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. No place for you and hunsband ? same for us with our 10 cats.... a chair, a simple chair..... for us , wouw "where is embarrassement there is no pleasure !"

    3. Good morning dear Siam,
      It's great that I am not the only one sharing my things with my so beloved dog and cat's (fun).

  3. Good morning dear Marijke,

    Your small garden looks fantastic! Impressive rosebuds. Your seedlings looks great. I hope mine helleborus will spread their seeds too. Nice furniture!

    I wish you a happy Easter weekend!

    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good morning dear Marit,
      I love to see everything is coming back to the things I love so much to see!! I think your
      Helleborusses will be seeding too! The furniture is a cheap and good solution. The things
      they sell in the shops are far to expensive for us. And they sit very comfortable.
      Have a wonderful Easterweekend.
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. Lots of colour in your garden. You are so much further ahead than us, and today is grey and gloomy with intermittent rain. Great use for old skids, especially with the casters to move them around. Be sure to show us a picture of the pond when it has been renovated.

    3. Good morning dear David,
      Things are going fast in my little garden. It's very dry overhere. So early in the year a
      warning is given to think about how to save water. The biggest problem with renovating the garden is that all the water has to go out to place new rubber. The bad thing is that we
      don't have the time to empty the pond with a bucked and save the youngs from damselfly's and dragonflies because the oxygenplants can't survey such a long time being out of the water. I hope for you that nice springweather will come soon to your country.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Happy springtime Marijke! your garden looks splendid! I see your roses so green and full of leaves and turn... green with envy! my roses are nothing but thorny sticks with few leaves and seemingly there is nothing I can do about it, tried everything. But your garden looks terrific in some weeks you'll enjoy the rose jungle again! Happy easter for you and your family!

    1. Good morning dear MDN,
      Thank you so much!! It looks to be perfect in my garden but it is not. We need rain!! Never
      seen sick foliage in my roses at the start of the roseseason. But it's all over them right now.
      I can imagine you gave up on your roses. You did everything to make the roses feel well but
      it does not work out. I am looking forward to see my little rosejungle in bloom again. And
      we will see what this summer will bring. We can't ignore anymore that the climate is changing.
      Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  5. So beautiful! You already have summer! Happy holidays, Marijke!

    1. Good morning dear Satu,
      Thank you so much!! Happy springtime for you too!!
      Rosehugs Marijke

  6. Lovely photos of your garden, Marijke!
    It is always so insipering, your camelia is wonderful.
    The weather here in Norway is also great, it is so nice to spend time in the garden again,

    Rosehugs, Ida

    1. Good morning dear Ida,
      The warm weather is gone and we finaly got the so desperate needed rain. The green seems
      to be exploding. Can't wait to see to roses showing it's beauty.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  7. Hello, Marijke,
    your vernal garden looks very pretty, a lot of rose buds everywhere.
    Lovely Camellia! I see your hellebore propagate themselves by seed, good idea.
    Happy Easter week!

    1. Good morning dear Nadezda,
      Day by day the garden is growing. Special after the rain. Can't wait to see the
      roses in bloom, but I know I have to be patient.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke


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