The Treepeony

En ik start met grote bewondering voor mijn man. De vijver moest leeg maar
wat een enorme klus was dat. Het waterniveau was inmiddels flink gezakt  als gevolg van
lekkage. Katten die in het rubber hingen, de hond die toen hij jong was de vijver in sprong met
zn scherpe nagels.  De vijver ligt er inmiddels al 20 jaar en de laag drab was bijna
dikker dan de inhoud water. Het was een klus vooral omdat we de enorme hoeveelheid
salamanders, kikkers, larven van de libelle en waterjuffers zoveel mogelijk weer in de
nieuwe vijver terug willen hebben. De drab werd emmer voor emmer gecontroleerd
op leven. Vanmiddag gaat het nieuwe rubber erin en gaat er weer water in de vijver
en kan alles weer terug in de vijver.

I start this post telling how proud I am of my husband, The pond had to be
renewed and had to be empty. The waterlevel sunk because of a big leak. My cats
where hanging with theire sharp nails in the rubber and when our dog was young
he loved to jump into the pond with he sharp nails. What a terrible job it was.
Controling every bucket that was coming out of the pond if there were larvae of
the damselfly and dragonfly's also we've saved all the frogs and salamanders. The
new rubber is on it place and at the end of the day the water can come in and a
new pondlive will start.

At the 21st the first bud of the Treepeony opend

Anemone nemorosa plena

The first rosebud covered with a little moss on it. Planted it the year
before but it did not bring flowers last year. I love the moment to
see the new rose coming into bloom

The first Aquilegia with color

22nd the Treepeonyflower opens

This morning

I wish you all a beautiful day

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Indeed your husband's work was a work of patience to save everything that was in the pond. We do not always imagine the work this will represent when an idea springs from our mind to put a piece of water in the garden. Congratulate your husband on me.
    Already peonies! what luck, here the stalks are barely out of the ground.
    The rain is coming just now with wind, wind and wind, I still stay home !
    Later on and a good week.

    1. Good evening dear Siam,
      I am so proud of my husband, going on and going on untill it's finished. Sometimes we really don't realize what a work it will be to start all over again. The Treepeony is much earlier as the other peony's . I wonder how they will be tomorrow because there is very bad weather on the way for Holland too!! I hope the weather won't be as extreme as it is forecasted. I don't like thunderstorms at all eventough I know how importen the rainwater is for the gardens and farmers. Stay save!!
      Have a wonderful evening.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Good afternoon dear Marijke,

    You are lucky who have a helpful husband in your garden. Your treepeony is so beautiful! The color is magic. I love them very much.

    I wish you a wonderful evening.
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good evening dear Marit,
      I am so proud of him. He has everything what I don't have "the currage to go on and on".
      The Treepeony is really a great thing to have and makes me happy with her beautiful flowers every year. And so wonderful scented!! I wonder how it will look like because very bad weather is on it's way. The garden needs the rain but these days when it rains the amount is extreme a thing I don't like. We will see. I wish you a wonderful evening
      Rosehugs Marijke

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    What a helpful husbond you have, what to do without our husbands to help us. It has been a dirty job but he did it.
    I enjoyed your treepeonys so beautyful, thank you for sharing.
    Wonderful evening to you
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

    1. Hello dear Lisbeth,
      I really don't know what to do without my husband. I am so proud of him. The new rubber came in this afternoon and the new water is running into the pond. All the wildlife is back in the pond and also the fish surved. It's a great thing to see. It's so great to see the
      flowers of the Treepeony it always makes me very happy when they arrive. I hope they will
      be right up tomorrow because bad weather is on it's way. The garden needs desperate water but not so extreme as forcasted for tonight. Well we have to take what the weather brings us.
      Have a wonderful evening.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  4. A very worthwhile project indeed. I will look forward to seeing more pictures as the pond matures.

    1. Good evening dear David,
      Sometimes it's great that you don't know what you've started. But he did it and I am so proud!! The new rubber is in know and the water is coming in. All the creatures of the pond survived a thing I was worried about the most. When it's finished I post photo's of it.
      Have a wonderful evening
      Warm wishes Marijke


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