Vannacht kregen we een heerlijk portie regen alleen mag dat onweer
van mij wel wegblijven. Ja en van sommige rozen zijn het alweer de
laatste bloemen die zich laten zien.

Thankfull that we've had a lot of rain last night. But the thunder that
it brought can stay away. I don't like thunder. Things went fast. Certain
roses are already showing theire last flowers of the year.


Queen of Sweden

Marie Curie

Gallica Versicolor

Sourire d'Orchidee

Louise Odier

A vieuw in the frontgarden from a side

At the back

Terrible me. I love to visit the rosenursery's but because of the Corona
I ordered 2 new ones on the internet. I was a little dissapointed about the one
on the left. It looks more dead as alive. But maybe it will suprise me it's climbing
rose Papi Delbard. The one on the right looks good Rose Lavender Ice.

And my forehead is a bit sweaty. I've ordered 5 other ones at Kordesroses
Germany. I hope they will arrive next week. It's hard for me as a roseaddicted
to stop ordering. (fun) I will find a place for the new ones.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    Your garden looks like a small paradise, and your roses are so beautiful! It's sad about your new rose, but maybe it grows better later.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Hello Marijke!

      Beautiful rosegarden! But the one you bought on the left - you should tell them and in my opinion they should let you keep the rose and send you the money back. I do hope it makes a magnificent piece in the future though :)

      I received a package this week, not with roses but other nice things...

      Have a nice weekend! Carina

      PS I can't find how to start a new comment. I end up in a blogger profile page. It took some time to find out how to get the comment here as an answer to Marit as well.. DS

    2. Good morning dear Marit,
      Sorry for not replying on the comments. When the weather is wonderful I am outside the whole day
      long. Every hour there is someting else to enjoy. I sent the nursery a photo and told them I was disapponted.
      But no answer yet. But I hope it shows that it's alive and I worried for nothing (fun).
      Have a wonderful sunday
      Rosehugs Marijke

    3. Good morning dear Carina,
      I sent the nursery a photo of the rose but no reply yet. I hope it shows it's a live in a few weeks (fun).
      I can't find on some blogs where to leave a comment. Never mind you did it, that is so welcome. I hope
      you new package also brings you a lot of joy!!!
      Have a wonderful sunday
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Ja, Marijke als je niet naar de rozenkwekers toe kunt gaan, dan moet je ze maar naar jou toe laten komen via een internetbestelling. Zo heb ik het de laatste maanden ook gedaan met allerlei artikelen ;-)
    Maar die roos van de eerste bestelling ziet er niet helemaal o.k. uit, misschien even reclameren?
    Mailtje met foto kan goed helpen.
    Hartelijke groeten van Zem.

  3. Good morning dear Marijke
    Nice to see your frontgarden it looks very well, and you were lucky to get rain, we didn´t get a single drop :(
    It is a pity with your new roses, I think you will have another place to order roses. The bad one I would reduce down and hope it will grow again. I would also complain over the plant, perhaps they will send you a new one if you show them the photo of it.
    Have a nice sunday
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

  4. Hello Marijke,
    Que de roses cette année ! J'ai attentivement regardé ton Papy Delbard et pour avoir quelques roses de ce créateur j'ai bien peur que ce rosier ne survive pas, il va tout au plus tenter un retour mais je crains pour son avenir. A ta place je taillerai pour ne laisser que 20 cm, arroser encore et toujours et avant de le planter au jardin, sans enlever la motte de terre, je vérifierais les racines, je me demande si elles sont bien développées. A tout le moins je ferais une réclamation au vendeur.
    Hâte de savoir ce qu'il adviendra.

  5. Dear Marijke, I'm surprised you have space for new roses! Hope they arrive alive, I also like your Louise Odier.
    The Kordes roses are always in good condition when I see them in garden center.

  6. Marijke, you wrote you couldn't read my post in Russian blog. Yes, the translation isn't good or doesn't work.
    Please go to my English speaking blog http://northern-garden.blogspot.com/
    where you won't have problem with reading. Thank you.


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