The garden last week

Sometimes you have to make sad decisions. 21 years ago we've planted
2 crabapple tree's. At that moment they are sweet and tiny. But in all this
years they were growing out to be to big for a little garden like mine. The
weight that the crabapple's are bringing is huge. My neighbours have to
walk under it at the back and at the front people also are walking under
it. During the storms earlier this year a lot of branches brought danger.
Broken by the storms. Time to say goodby to the tree's. Planting them is
easy bud to get it out is a different story. My husband had a lot of work
to get the first tree out yesterday. The other will go in autumn. I also
decided that the rose Madame Plantier has to leave the garden. I wish
I knew some one who could have it. How wonderful it will grow in a
garden where it has the space to show it's beauty. Because it's a wild
and huge grower.

But also great things are happening never seen this butterfly before
it's a beauty


While other roses already had the first beautiful flush, rose Sebastian Kneipp
is showing her beauty now

The last flower in Merveille

Charles Baudelair

Cardiff Castle

Abraham Darby

Asperinrose, Blue for You and Sweet Pretty


Buff Beauty

The Scotsman

Stanwell Perpetual

The last ones in Compassion

Does'nt do well in my garden only 1 flower this year
in rose Jacqueline du Pre

Lavender Ice

Last thursday my 5 new beauty's were delivered. I've ordered it online
by Kordes itself in Germany. Wonderful quality they deliver.


Queen of Hearts. I love to follow the first flower opening up.
The color of the flowers will be better at the moment that
the rose get used to the garden soil.

I will show the other 3 new Kordesroses when the flowers are opened.

The frontgarden yesterday

I want you to know how pleased I am reading your comments. I hope you will
excuses me that I did not reply on your comments. After a long very dry 
periode we've got rain. But when the rain comes the amount is huge and very strong.
So a lot of deadheading to do at that time. I throw the old flowers on the soil
with the rose. Give it a blanked with her own petals. It keeps the moist into
the soil. What do you do with the old flowers? I love to know.

Have a wonderful new week ahead.




  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    Your roses are always so beautiful! I envy your climate because here in tge north the roses does not grow so well. I moved many roses last year, and now the first of them blooms. I have a lot of gravel on the ground under the roses, so now I have to put them in a bucket when I deadhead them.
    Today we will some rain, and I hope it will be enough for my very dry garden.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Rosehugs, Marit

  2. Good morning dear Marijke
    Yes it is difficult to get time enough for answering the comments but we understand you. It is also difficult to remove a rose, but some of them gets very big.
    It is a lot of work to deadhead the roses, why do we want so many :) oh yes they are beautyful. Sometimes I use a bucket and sometimes a let them fall on the soil.
    Have a nice sunday
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

  3. Jouw tuin zou twee maal zo groot moeten zijn, Marijke!
    Maar ik weet dat sommige Malusrassen veel groter kunnen worden, dan verwacht. En dan moet je inderdaad keuze's maken in de tuin.
    Hartelijke groeten van Zem.

  4. Your roses are looking really beautiful during this month of June, and I suspect that your garden smells delightful during the warm summers evenings. The beautiful butterfly is actually a rather lovely moth called a Magpie Moth.

  5. Hello. Marijke,
    It ia always so pleasing to read about your roses , see their portraits and know about their maintenance.It depends on the rose how I treat the deadheads. If it is a single, healthy one like Brandy I snip it off and drop it to the ground, but if it is a spray like Port Sunlight I chop it off at the base and put it in the trash bin because it will remain and not disintegrate and look ugly.

  6. I do the same, throw flowers on the ground underneath. Not that I have many roses but flowers from irises etc. Beautiful roses but only a few names I recognise. Guess it's because there is a huge difference in what you can grow and what works here. Mnd you it's changed in the past 10 years.

    Have a nice day! Carina

  7. Oh, so many beauties, Marijke,
    Wish you a wonderful day!

    Rosehugs, Ida

  8. Dear Marijke, I always love to visit your garden and to see your roses. Now I think the rose Abraham Darby is the prettiest. It's nice you have had rain, plants need a lot of water. Some of my roses are not tolerant to water and their heads fall down.
    Happy Sunday.

  9. Hi it seems you and I have similar tastes in roses bec i was interested in rozenfascination and Seb Kneipp too. I did not realized you had so many roses. If you cannot find a friend close to you to take Mme plantier, do not throw it away I cannot bear it .


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