We waren zo verwent met die heerlijke lentetemperaturen maar hoe anders is dat nu. -5C in de nacht en vroege morgen. De Helleborussen zijn er maar bij gaan liggen. 

A couple of hours later the Helleborus rised up as you can see behind my duckfriends. They visit my garden every morning and take a lovely swim in my pond.

And yesterday the first trip since March 2020. All this time did not come anywhere else as the supermarktet. At 12.00 am we went on a trip  to the garden "De Stekkentuin". This lady has more than 300 different kind of Helleborusses. We had to make an appointment because of the COVID-rules. We had the garden for our selves nobody else was there. How did it feel? I know now how the cows are feeling when the doors of the stables to the meadow get open after being locked inside in wintertime. (fun) that's how I felt. It was a very, very cold day, fog, dark grey sky's and wind. Not the ideal kind of weather to photograp. I have only a few photo's.

The owner of the garden has also a beautiful collection of garden Cyclamen. Beautiful to see

And of course a couple of new Helleborusses jumpt into the back of my car. I could not help it (fun).

I can look back on a fantastic afternoon. And in almost 1 year I felt what it's like to have the feeling the freedom to go out.

Have a wonderful week ahead

Stay safe and take care!!


  1. Good evening dear Marijke,
    I'm surprised over the cold weather at your place. I' m so happy about your trip to the lovely garden. Beautiful cyclamen in bloom.
    I wish you a wonderful week ahead.
    Rosehugs, Marit

  2. Hi Marijke,
    For now, we are also confined. I miss being able to go out freely and walk around.
    It is still quite cold out there, but the nature is extraordinary and with a little more heat, the plants revitalize. I loved the ducks, they are so beautiful.
    How beautiful this garden you visited, it must have been super nice to stroll there.
    Take care and all the best
    Hugs from Maria

  3. I understand perfectly how those plants jumped into your car without you even knowing, Marijke. It happens to me all the time with bird books!

  4. Good morning dear Marijke
    I know your feeling, it is so nice to come out and see something else. We like even if it is cold, but a lot of clothe will help on that problem. Nice to see all the Helleborus and cyklamen, I have taken one picture of cyklamen friday.
    Have a lovely day.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

  5. Your enthusiasm is a pleasure to hear and to see! I also live under the same constraints: everything is frozen in the morning and at noon, it's spring. Fortunately, the flowers that have hatched support it well. Have a good day!

  6. Mooi hoor Marijke, je tuin ziet er alweer goed uit.
    Groetjes Tinie

  7. How wonderful to have ducks making regular visits to your garden, Marijke! Last year, we were visited by peacocks. Although they are very pretty, they do not display good manners in the garden. Congratulations on getting out to tour another garden. I am sure you enjoyed that, even if the weather was not entirely favorable. My husband and I are scheduled to get our second vaccine shots today and, in 2 weeks, I am going to feel a lot freer than I have in a year as well.

  8. Hello Marijke,
    Cette année nos pays se situent en Laponie. Oui oui, ne dit-on pas "un froid de canard" ? tu les as déjà au jardin.... Les héllébores sont mises à l'épreuve mais reprennent vite de la vigueur lorsque le temps s'adoucit. Bon la semaine qui arrive sera encore bien froide et venteuse mais cela nous laisse le temps de peaufiner nos futurs achats, il faut bien s'occuper. Belle semaine à toi et restes bien au chaud surtout. A bientôt ! Siam

  9. When you find that you have lost your way, that there is no way out for you, know that your strength must be in the Lord. He will sustain you, He will lead you to green pastures 💖


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