Helleborus Orientalis

Het is de tijd in mijn tuintje dat de Helleborus haar schoonheid weer
gaat tonen. Ik laat het oude blad zo lang mogelijk zitten omdat ik
weet dat het de perfecte plek is voor de insecten om te schuilen als de kou wel mocht
komen. Terwijl ik dit schrijf besef ik mijzelf hoe heerlijk ik het vindt
om te schrijven over mijn tuintje. Ik wordt in februari 62 en misschien
is het de leeftijd die maakt dat mijn gedachten gang eindelijk veranderd.
Ben altijd bezig geweest met wat andere mensen denken. Die gedachten
gaan nu over mijn schouder en ik ga lekker schrijven. en foto's posten
van die momenten die me heel blij maken.

It's the time that the Helleborus Orientalis shows it's beautiful
flowers. I always leave the old foliage because I know it's the
perfect place for insects to hide during wintertime. I realize how I
missed writing about the moments that make me happy. Always
buzzy with the thougts how others should think about what I was 
posting. Maybe it's my age (62 in February) I throw these thoughts
over my shoulder now. It's wonderful to write blogposts.

This Helleborus came in to my garden 20 years ago

One of her seedlings

The petals around the stamens look like satin

In 2019 I bought 5 new ones. The terrible thing is that I could not rember
where I planted them. The garden is full of weeds at the moment but
when the flowers are coming out I've found them again. 

I was looking for this one (2019)

I was happy that I found out where it was. I had to bent down on my knee's to take
a photograph. Kneeling down is not so difficult but how to get up again is more a
problem (fun).

Pat Austin

James Galway

Winchester Catheral

All photo's are from yesterday. 

Have a wonderful sunday. Thank you for your visit.

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Dear Marijke,

    I love your blogpost every time, and don't mind what other thinks. It's your blog!!! :)
    Your helleborus looks so beautiful. They are all so pretty.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good morning dear Marit,
      Thank you so much for your lovely, kind words. It's fantastic, to see the garden is coming back to live again. I have the feeling I can breath again. You have no idea how you and Lisbeth inspired me to go on with the blog. I was ready to throw it of the internet. But I realised how wonderful it is to have this blog. And you are right it's my blog, my diary of the things I love so much.
      Have a wonderful sunday
      Rose and flowerhugs Marijke

  2. Wonderful hellebore Marijke! I tried to plant them in my garden but it's a pity! they don't winter here, too cold for them. Lovely photos!
    (For me to get up is a problem too)

    1. Good morning dear Nadezda,
      Thanks so much the Helleborus is bringing the springfeeling!! It's a pity that they are not succes in your garden. Maybe surch for a nursery that has the old original Helleborus in theire collection. The last couple of yours many new hybrids are coming on the market the flowers of this new ones are more beautiful as the botanical ones but are much more weaker. And about standing up: it's time that we can practice our gymnastics being bussy in the garden again (fun).
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    Nice that you are back again, and that we can inspire you to go on blogging, I love to follow your blog and alle your roses. Helleborus orientalis are very beautyful now. I take away the old foliage because I have read that they can have virus, and the flowers come faster, when I take the foliage away.
    I agree that it is difficult to come up again when I have been down on my knees, I am only 70 ;)
    I hope you will keep on with your blog we are not many gardenbloggers back.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth
    Rosehugs, Lisbeth

    1. Goodmorning dear Lisbeth,
      What you are telling about the Helleborus is true! I go outside today to get the foliage off the plants and put the foliage somewhere else in the garden. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I stoped posting on Facebook and Instagram. It's not my thing. I am pleased te be back on a place where I feel safe that's the blog. In wintertime I sit to much and getting more stiff by the day (fun). But when times of gardening arrive we get in a better condition in short time.
      Have a wonderful whole new weeks
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. This year I am trying to hold the condition. I go for a walk with my dogs every day. 10.000 steps at least. I use Facebook but not Instagram, I don´t like that one, all our bloggers have turned to Instagram, it is much easier but borring.
      Rosehugs Lisbeth

    3. That's a fantastic thing to do. Early in the mornings I also make a long walk and love
      to breath in the fantastic fresh air. And ofcourse a coup of coffee when I come home.
      And another 2 walks in afternoon and the evening. We are warned overhere that we sit to much and have to go move more often.
      Have a wonderful rest of the evening.
      Hugs Marijke

  4. Helleborussen zijn prachtige planten, je kan er niet genoeg van hebben!

    1. Als ze begint te bloeien komt mijn wens van een veel grotere tuin te hebben weer op.
      Ze zijn inderdaad super mooi!!!
      Heerlijke dag gewenst en heel veel mooie bloemen!!!


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