A cold springtime

 De lente dit jaar bracht heel veel koude dagen. Maar de bloesem van de vruchtbomen is toch open gekomen. De Malus Red Sentinel had in 2020 heel veel schade opgelopen van de vele winterstormen in januari in februari. Ik heb geen verstand van bomensnoei. We moesten alle takken verwijderen in het voorjaar van 2020. Afgescheurde takken waren gevaarlijk voor de buren die gebruik moeten maken van het pad achter mijn tuin. In 2020 geen bloesem maar ook geen appeltjes. Maar nu loopt de boom weer uit en mag ik genieten van de prachtige bloesem.

It is a very cold springtime this year. The tree Malus Redsentinel was damaged by the many heavy winterstorms that we had in january and february 2020. I have no knowledge about treepruning. So in springtime 2020 we had to decide to take off all the branches of this tree. It became to dangerous for my neighbors who have to use the path behind my garden. No blossom in 2020 and no beautiful apples last winter. But the blossom is here again.

And the very cold winterperiod damaged my rose Penny Lane. on this photo high in the sky on the left

On the 5th of May no sign of live in this rose so time to take a saw and bring the old branch down to the ground. I hope new one´s will show up

Yes the weather is cold and strange here. The week before at monday and tuesday the weather looked like autumn. Heavy stormwinds tored my That´s Jazz rose of the wall

But also positive things were to see like the huge amount of buds in rose Dresdner Barock

Color is showed in the Treepeonie in my back garden

Photo's from yesterday out of the frontgarden. The roses are doing very well

And the Treepeonie open's it's flowers dark weather brought dark photo's

Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavallee get's a bit of color

James Galway grow's fast

And also Madame Plantier is

I love the buds of Black Boy by Kordes

Many people stoped feeding the birds when the cold was gone. Birdprotection Holland is calling up to go on feeding because the cold spring is the reason that there is not enough food for the birds because the so needed insects for the youngs are also late. The birdfamily in my nestbox is doing very well.

This is what the parentbirds need extra to feed theire youngs.

Good news for the birds the first lice show up in the roses

It's a fantastic new day today. Blue skies and full sunshine. I hope your weather is great to.
Don't forget to enjoy the little things.

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    Your garden looks wonderful! The treepeonies are so beautiful. This spring have been very cold here too, but the frost at night have stopped. I love to see all the rosebuds that's in your garden. Yes, the birds are very hungry here too. No insects in my garden either, so I must still feed them.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Rosehugs, Marit

  2. Those mealworms will be a great boost for the young and will provide protein for their developing young. It has been a very cold spring here too. Yesterday, with the temperature a mere five degrees and a bitter wind from the northwest we saw Tree Swallows resting on the ground. We need warm weather, and soon.

  3. Good afternoon dear Marijke
    I am sorry to hear about your three, but next year we hope that all will be good again. It looks sad with your Penny Lane, perhaps it will come again, I had a rose which looked just like yours it has started again, so I will cross my fingers for your rose. The other roses and the threepeony look fine nice pictures. I love to see your rosebuds. It is bad weather nearly every day but we can´t do anything abourt it. We can only enjoy the plants which are surviving.

  4. Hi Marijke!
    You have a lot of roses and they are going to bloom with lots of flowers. The peonies are so beautiful. We had a lovely weather yesterday and it continued today. Sunny and warm, almost like summer.
    All the best. /Marika

  5. Ja, het was wild weer, maar nu is alles vergeten. De tuin explodeert met de warmere temperaturen. De boompioen bloeit hier ook. En rozenknoppen zie ik ook verschijnen. Nog even geduld...

  6. Well nice futur flowers, I love peony tree. I will go and give foof again to the birds .


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