Goodbye April hello May


De tijd gaat veel te snel voorbij. April bracht blauwe luchten en volop zonneschijn maar ook een koude wind uit het noordoosten. De tuingrond was uitgedroogd. Het is goed te zien aan het niveau van het water van de vijver wat het droge weer doet met de verdamping in de tuin. Maar afgelopen donderdag kregen we 48 mm regen en het waterpeil in de vijver is weer terug naar normaal. En ook de tuin kan weer opgelucht adem halen. De regen heeft het groen in de tuin doen exploderen. 

Time is going to fast if you ask me. April brought many days with blue sky's and a lot of sunshine. But a cold strong was blowing out of the north east. The gardensoil was so dry. It's to see at the level of the water in my pond how fast evaportation goes having a month without rain and strong winds. But last thursday w've got 48 mm of rain. The garden can breath again and the green is exploding. And the waterlevel in the pond is normal again.

On my birthday in February I've got two bird nest boxes. At the 14th of april my husband hanged them on the wall.  3 minutes after hanging it the Great Tit landed on it and they are bussy now every day to bild a nest in it. A beautiful thing to see out of my kitchenwindow.

And at the other side of the garage another birdnestbox was hanged for the sparrows. But I did not see any action on it until now.

April 14th the last flower of the Camelia 

On this day the Botanical Tulip opened the first flower

At the 19th of April more opened up 

A suprise to see the flowers of the Frittelaria. I was forgotten that I've planted it the year before

My dear dog Vito is always with me when I go into the garden

I love the redbrown color of the folliage of the Treepeonie



We could'nt rescue the 20 year old boxwoodhedge without using a lot of poison to destroy the boxwoodmoth. I did not want that so the hedge is out now

I made a suggestion to my neighbor to plant roses between us but he does'nt like it.  He wanted a wooden fence and I don't like that. But I've bought seed from flowers who will be good for the butterfly's. So we've found a solution that makes us both happy. 

The green of the seeds are coming up on 2nd of May. (I keep my fingers crossed that it will bring the flowers that are showed on the seedbox and it are not weeds we don't want to have (fun))

Bit by bit some buds apeare in the roses. Black Boy Kordes

Abraham Darby growing to gether with a Clematis

Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavalee

It won't take long before the Treepeonie in the front will open. I hope it will wait a while longer because we have bad weather at the moment

Wrams Gunnarstorp

Two weeks ago nothing could be seen of the Hosta but with rain it goes fast

I am happy to see that the rose that was planted a couple of weeks ago is thriving Henri Martin

I hope you will excuse me for not answering the comments. I am helping my son and his girlfriend with the garden at theire new house. But I hope you are all in a good health!!!

Have a wonderful day

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    I love to see all that grows so well in your garden. I'm so happy for you for all the rain that you have got lately. We got only 22 mm of rain in April. It's like a desert in my garden, but I hope we will som rain today and tomorrow. We need it badly!
    Your dog looks so friendly and kind. The roses in your garden looks great.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Rosehugs, Marit

  2. I am happy for you on two counts, Marijke. First you received the rain every gardener so badly needs, and second, you had instant occupancy of one of your bird houses. I have three nest boxes and none of them are occupied. I don't charge rent and there is food and water on hand at all times too!

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    Nice to see rosebuds, I have looked for some here, but it is too early for us. A lot of rain you got, we need some more, but we are not so lucky. Nice you can help your son and nice you found out with your neighbor, it is very close you are living with them.
    Rosehughs Lisbeth

  4. Hello Marijke!
    We had some rain too, and it is good. The soil was quite dry. How nice that the bird moved in right away. You have lots of lovely plants. I like the clematis I have a similar in my garden, it is really early with flowers. Hope you get lots of flowers and butterflies, it will be nicer than a wooden fence.
    Have a nice day /Regards Marika

  5. Здравствуйте, у вас прекрасный сад. Очень уютно. Я тоже мечтаю, чтобы в моём саду когда-нибудь был пруд.

  6. I like peonies as well. I am glad you found a compromise with your neighbour

  7. Leuk, een randje met bloemen als erf afscheiding . En troost je, onkruid kan ook prachtig bloeien


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