Dit was een week waarin de Boompioen zich van haar mooiste kant liet zien. De bloemen zijn zo mooi en groot dat het bijna onwerkelijk is en het voor mij moeilijk is om te stoppen met het fotograferen van de bloemen die de omvang hebben van een ontbijtbord. Het gaat de familie koolmees heel goed. Zo mooi om de zachte hoge tonen van de jongen te horen in de nestkast als pa of moe komt aanvliegen met voedsel. 

This week the Treepeony showed her beauty. The flowers are so wonderful having a size of a breakfast plate that it's difficult for me to stop photograping them. The birdfamily in the nestbox is doing very well. So beautiful to hear the soft high sound of youngs when the parents arrive with food.

12th of May


Aquilegia getting color

Geranium maculatum Elizabeth Ann

May 13nd

That day the first flower of the Treepeony in the backgarden opened

First flower in Geranium maculatum Elizabeth Ann. 

Rose Dresdner Barock will be the first roseflower of 2021

May 14nd Dresdner Barock

I did not have to buy new Violets this year. They seeded them selves this year

A lot of rain is forecasted for this week. But I don't care as long as there is no thunder with it. I love to go out with my dog early in the morning when everybody is still a sleep it's just me and the sound of the birds. 

Have a wonderful new week ahead

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Good morning dear Marijke,
    Your treepeonies looks great! They are so beautiful.
    Here it rains every day, and I hope we will get drier weather soon. Your small violas are very cute.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, and the new week ahead.

  2. Good morning !
    Your treepeonies are such beauties , and so is the rose. I have peonies and I love them, but they will not flower until july. We have some rainy days, but I can spend my time in the greenhouse, there is a lot to do, with all tomatoes. On tuesday the sun is back.
    Have a nice sunday !
    Hugs/ Marika

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    I am longing to see my treepeonies but now I can se yours, they are so beautiful. We need some warm weather then it will come, big buds is waiting for an explotion.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

  4. What a beauty this tree-peony! I love the white the most. Mine are in buds now. Aquilegia is my favorite perennial plant, it flowers a long time.
    Happy spring, Marijke.

  5. Les deux pivoines sont superbes !!!!! j'attends encore les miennes, dans trois semaines probablement car les boutons sont encore si petits. Le chant des oiseaux c'est sympa, cela donne du courage et ces mésanges qui se tuent au travail pour nourrir leurs petits. Belle semaine Marijke ! Siam

  6. The tree peonies are very beautiful - and it is very encouraging that the Blue Tits are doing well in the home you have provided. Well done, Marijke.

  7. Gorgeous tree peonies. I used to have a dog and loved the mornings too, so I understand you.
    Regards Lisbeth

  8. Mooi hoor al die bloeiende bloemen in je tuin Marijke.
    Nu nog even wachten op de zon ;-))
    Groetjes Tinie


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