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Het eerste wat ik doe als ik 's morgens vroeg wakker wordt is de gordijnen
open en genieten van al het moois dat de tuin op dit moment te bieden
heeft. En dan wordt je opgeschrikt van het nieuws dat er weer een terroristische
aanslag is geweest, dit keer in Londen. Verschrikkelijk.

The first thing I do when I wake up early is to open the curtains and enjoy
the beauty that my little garden is bringing me. And then comes the news,
another terror attac in Londen. Heartbraking news.

Rose Blauwestad

Rose Burgundy Ice

A feast to my eyes rose Fantin Latour

The first flower of Madame Isaac Perreire 


 Rose Leander

Dog Vito sitting on my rose Munstead Wood.

 Rose Buff Beauty

Rose Penny Lane

Rose La Belle Sultane does'nt do well in my garden

Rose Isabel Renaissance

Rose Ambridgerose. 

Many buds in the rose Blue for You

Rose A Shropshire Lad


Rose Winchester Cathedral

Rose Sir Edward Elgar

Rose Sweet Pretty/Astronomia

Asperin Rose

Gallicarose Merveille


Rose Madame Plantier

Rose Sourir d'Orchidee

Rose Eugene de Beauharnaise

Rose Louise Odier


Rose Sebastian Kneipp

Buds in new rose Erinnerung an Brod

Rose Jude the Obscure

Cephalaria Gigantea

Rose the Pilgrim

A huge one rose James Galway

I love this Rose Amour. So beautiful

Rose Princess Margarethe

Rose Heritage

Rose Compassion

Rose de Rescht

The last buds of the first flush Abraham Darby

Rose Marie Curie

After weeks of summer weather we are going to autumn weather tomorrow. A lot of
wind and I hope the  rain will fall. The garden will look different tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day




  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    I wish I had all your lovely roses! You have really many special, and they are all so pretty.
    Sweet Pretty is my favorite today, and Vito :)

    Here we have sun today, but the bad weather you have today will we have on Wednesday.

    I wish you a wonderful day!

    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good morning dear Marit,
      I think the roses are doing so well because of the weather we've had over the last couple of weeks. I remember that it started to rain the year before when the roses were opening. Eventhough the garden needs rain it's not nice to have autumnweather tomorrow. I going in to the garden to give some support to some roses. Sweet Pretty is much more beautiful as the photo shows. A strong little shrub and the flowers don't care to get rain on it.
      Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunny weather you have today.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Reacties
    1. Hallo Natuurlijk-Rijk. Ja het was heerlijk afgelopen weken. Alleen maar genieten!!
      Aanstaande 2 dagen niet zo mooi weer maar ja de tuin heeft regen nodig. Jammer van de harde wind.
      Heerlijke dag gewenst.

  3. Prachtige rozen. Wat doen ze het goed dit jaar. Ik vind de regen fijn, maar er komt ook veel wind en ik woon dicht aan zee.... afwachten maar. Tuinieren is ook loslaten! Groetjes Hetty

    1. Goedemorgen Hetty,
      Ik kan mij voorstellen dat jij met je aanstaande open tuin niet zit te wachten op die harde wind. Maar helaas we kunnen er helemaal niks aan veranderen. Wat ik alleen met dit droge voorjaar niet had verwacht is de troep die op de bladeren zit. Ik dacht altijd dat
      dit in mijn rozen kwam door de toch veelal natte periodes die we voorgaande jaren hadden. Maar heel veel meer bloemen dan voorgaande jaren.
      Fijne dag gewenst Hetty.

  4. Wat een bloemenzee is het bij jou in de tuin! Ook mijn complimenten voor de metamorfose van je blog, het ziet er prachtig uit.

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

    1. Goedemorgen Ingrid,
      Het is volop genieten in mijn tuintje. Misschien is dat ook de reden dat ik niet zo de behoefte heb om ergens anders heen te gaan. De rust, de vogels en de bijen zorgen er voor dat ik elke dag geniet. Ik ben een heel tevreden mens. Ik hoop dat jij samen met je dochter een klein beetje weer kunnen genieten.
      Heel veel liefs xxxx

  5. Your roses and peony are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment Lee.
      Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hello, dear Marijke, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    I am so sad of all the terror in the world today, it is awful.
    When I see your roses I think of peace and quiet, it is so beautiful...
    I think we share the same love of roses and flowers...
    I also try not to use chemicals in my garden, I hope I will manage to get rid of the worst seeknes,
    it is a bit better now.
    Tonight I will bind up my Stanwell Perpetual, it will rain heavy here tomorrow.
    Wishing you a lovely evening in your garden.

    Rosehugs, Ida

    1. Good morning Ida,
      Yes what's happening today is not to discribe. I find the peace in my little garden. Do what I do, look at the flowers and not at the leaves (fun).
      I hope the heavy rain did not bring any damage to your garden. The rain was very welcome in my little garden. And the storm which last 2 days is gone. The tree's where sweeping like crazy. But no damage!!. One rainy day to go and the weather will be beautiful again.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  7. Hi Marijke, your garden is truly packed with wonderful roses. It amazes me how many you have crammed into your beautiful little garden. I think 'A Shropshire Lad' is my favorite, it always looks stunning under your loving care.
    For this year I am on a rose buying stop and try to plant every rose that I have growing in a container into the ground, but when this is done I would like to get 'Winchester Cathedral' and 'Blue for You'.
    Lovely to see Vito, even though he is sitting on your 'Moonstead Wood' ;-)!
    Warm regards,

    1. Hello dear Christina.
      Yes the garden is packed with roses. I had to make a choice. Roses ore other plants. A Shropshire Lad is a beautiful rose. It's not easy to make it a nice shrub because the new growth it brings is very tall. How great of you, that you stoped buying roses. I think the roses will do much better in the soil. Winchester Cathedral is a must have!! So is the Blue for You. So many buds and beautiful flowers I love this 2.
      Vito is still a naughty boy (lol). But also my best friend. Following me, with every step I take.
      I wish you to have a wonderful holliday in England.
      Warm wishes Christina.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  8. You have so many excellent roses, I cannot name a favorite. "All of them!" I would say. And the Peony. You made my day more beautiful! Thank you.

    1. Hello Hoover Boo,
      I can't name a favorite it's the rose Merveille. I love the color of the flower. it's a pitty that is not bringing a second flower flush. I had to take of the flowers of the peony, because we had a summerstorm for 2 days. But they do well in the vase.
      Have a wonderful day.

  9. Very lovely roses, Marijke. I love them all but I liked most the rose Abraham Darby. I see your roses bloom in full, but mine are only ready to sprout their buds (
    I agree the attack in London was terrible, the innocent people were killed.

    1. hello Nadezda,
      Thank you for leaving a comment. Abraham Darby is a wonderful one. It's growing against a wall. The flowers are huge and heavy. The roses started early to flower and from some rose the first flush of blooms is already over.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  10. Was für eine Rosenvielfalt. Deine Rosen sind bezaubernd schön!
    Viele Grüße,

    1. Gute Morgen Anette,
      Meine Rosen wären früh dieses Jahr. Ich habe sie fürs erste mahl schon zurückgeschnitten am ende Oktober. Ich weiss ich habe glück gehabt das der Winter
      nicht sehr kalt wahr.
      Dein Garten seht aus wie ein Paradies.
      Liebe grusse marijke

  11. Dear Marijke,
    wonderful to see your roses thriving!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Best wishes,

    1. Good morning dear Lisa,
      The roses are doing so well! I was affraid the heavy winds of the last two days were going to distroy my flowers. Some roses are on the soil but the branches did not break.
      So today I am going to get the roses some support.
      Have a wonderful day lisa.

  12. I am so saddened over the events in the world now. They used to be few and far between, but now...
    However, I also know that there is still so much beauty in this world, and you have so beautifully shown that here, sweet friend.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Good morning dear Lisa,
      I wish that it would help to lock this brainwashed youth in a beautiful garden
      to show them the beauty the earth is bringing. Teaching them about the birds, bee's and
      flowers. helas we have to accept that this evil minds are all around the world.
      Wish you a beautiful sunday my friend xx
      Rosehugs Marijke

  13. As flores estão lindas.
    Boa semana.

    1. Good morning Janicce.
      Thank you for your nice comment.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke


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