2017 The year for the roses

Wat een geweldig rozenjaar hebben we toch. Zoveel bloemen, zoveel
geur. Sommige rozen hebben hun eerste bloei al gehad en sommig komen nu
pas in bloei. Het is volop genieten in mijn tuintje als is het wel erg heet de
laatste dagen. Foto's zijn van de afgelopen 3 dagen.

What a fantastic roseyear we have. So many flowers so much fragance. I
love it. Certain roses had theire first flush and some are showing theire
first flowers. So much to enjoy in my little garden. But it's a little too hot!!

Rose Chartreuse the Parme

First color in the Hydrangea


In some roses Chlorose is showing up. It was too warm and too
dry in my garden. I should have started watering earlier. Rose The Pilgrim
I did read on the internet that this leaf problem can be solved with 
leaffertellizer but untill now I could not find it.

Rose Sourir d'Orchidee

Rose Eugene de Beauharnais

Rose Paul Ricard. 

Rose Sebastian Kneipp is breathtaking this year.

Rose Louise Odier

 This new Hortensia was very cheap in the gardencentre. Only one healthy cane
the rest was broken but new healthy foliage on the broken one's. I give it a try

Last flower of rose A Shropshire Lad

This Hydrangea is huge and needs desperate some water


The last flowers of rose Fantin Latour

Rose Metanoia

Rose Erinnerung an Brod

I buy this plant every year but helas it does'nt survive our winters

Rose Marie Curie

Rose sir Edward Elgar

First flower in rose Blackberry Nipp

No we did not have rain for a long time so I had to water the garden

Gallicarose Charles Baudelaire

Gallicarose Merveille

Rose Blauwestad

 First flower in rose Evelyn. Not an easy one to grow in my garden

Only a few flowers from the first are left in rose Edenrose

Rose Amour. So simple but so beautiful

The last flowers of the first flush rose Pat Austin

Rose Laure Davoust. The flowers are small but so beautiful

 Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful day.




  1. Good morning Marijke
    It is nice to see your roses, because as you commented with me, we have different roses, then we can let us inspire of each other. Cosmos does not survive in my garden either. I have got 3 the other day from my brother who was visiting my garden.
    Have a nice day, here is a lot of wind.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

    1. Hello dear Lisbeth,
      You have so many beautiful roses in your garden and a lot of them are unknown to me.
      I have no space left to get any new roses in so I can enjoy the other roses in your wonderful garden. Cosmos is a real beauty. You are lucky to get them as a pressent from your brother. I hope the wind will go down at your place. Overhere it's very hot again.
      Have a wonderful evening
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Good morning dear Marijke,

    Your roses is so impressive! It's a joy to watch them. I wish my roses would grow like yours. It's a pity that it's so hot weather in your place. Here it was only 8 degrees this morning. Brrr...
    Have a wonderful day in your rosegarden.
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Hello dear Marit sorry for the late reply. The roses where like they never have blooming before. Slowly the color is getting out of my garden, up to the second flush. I wish I could have your temperatures during the night. Tomorrow and thursday another 2 hot days and then temperatures going back to normal!! If I were you I would try the historical roses. They are much better for our climat. Some of them don't repeat but theire flush is fantastic. So are the rambler's. The flowers are smaller but bringing much more flowers as the modern climbers do.
      Have a wonderful evening Marit.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  3. Good morning dear Marijke,

    I wrote one comment, but suddenly it was gone. Your roses are so beautiful. I wish they all grew here :) The last rose was very,very pretty!
    This year I bought seeds for Chocolate Cosmos, and now they have flowers all of them! Very easy to sow. They don't survive in my cellar either.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Hello dear Marit,
      Last couple of days a lost soul on the internet put strange comments on very old blogposts. I should have written in my blogpost that I've put the comment moderation on so I can first see that the comment's are oke. The Chocolate Cosmos is a real beauty. It's a good advise to try to get them from seed next year.
      Have a wonderful day flowerlady.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  4. Marvellous roses ! The cold winter was good for them. Rosehugs, Marijke !

    1. Hello dear Dani,
      The photo's are from the last days. At this moment the roses have a hard time. I see
      now how fast the flowers get lost by the heath.
      Have a wonderful evening Dani xx
      Rosehugs Marijke

  5. Holala Marijke, tout est si beau chez toi !... J'imagine ton bonheur avec toutes ces roses !...
    Chez moi, cela commence seulement ...
    J'ai été surprise par la nouvelle présentation de ton blog ... Hé, hé, Marijke se modernise ;) !...

    1. Hallo lieve Nikki,
      Ja het rozenseizoen begon hier vroeg. Sommige hebben hun eerste bloei al gehad en maken zich klaar voor een tweede. De bloemenweelde is prachtig maar het blad van vele rozen is echt vol met dingen die ik liever niet zie. Voorheen kreeg de vele regen de schuld
      van het zieke blad en nu is het de droogte. Maar ik kijk maar goed naar de bloemen dan zie ik het blad niet meer. Wat geweldig dat je rozen nu gaan beginnen met de bloei. Ik ga lekker met je meegenieten op je blog.
      Heerlijke avond gewenst.
      Rozige groetjes Marijke

  6. Oh, I love to see all your roses, Marijke, I have fallen in love with Fantin Latour and Eden rose among others.. I am also fond of Hydrangeas like you, they are so beautiful.
    The summer finally came to us too, hope it's not too warm for you,
    Have beautiful days,

    Rosehugs, Ida

    1. Hello dear Ida,
      Fantin Latour is for the second year in my garden. Only blooming in summer but
      she is breathtaking and very healthy. Hydrangea's are really lovely. And always great to
      cut flowers in autumn. It's great that summer has come to your country also. Enjoy the garden Ida.
      Have a wonderful evening.
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. Quel festival chère Marijke, tu es une jardinière talentueuse. Tu réussis des prouesses dans ton petit univers que je ne trouve pas si petit . Toutes les variétés proposées sont dans un état sanitaire parfait. J'ignorais que tu cultivais également des hydrangeas et ceux que tu nous proposes sont très prometteurs. En France aussi nous attendons que dame nature abreuve nos jardins. Une bonne pluie et un moins de chaleur seront profitables à nos chers protégés.
      Belle journée...Jocelyne

    3. Hello dear Jocelyne,
      The garden is small but I love what it brings. It's far to hot and to dry too overhere. I hope for some lower temperatures it's really not nice to be outside at the moment. The flowers that open are burned away very quickly. We Dutch are nut made to live in tropical temperatures (fun). I hope your garden get's a little bit of rain too!
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  7. Dear Marijke,
    your roses seem to do very well this year! It is amazing how long they flower in your garden. In my garden the roses too produced many beautiful flowers, but unfortunately they wilted sooner than usually as it was so hot and is still very hot. Many plants seem to suffer a bit from the heat here in Austria. At the moment I am in England and it is unusually hot here too. The gardeners at the gardens we visited explained us that they have to water their flower beds, which they would usually not water at that time of the year, because of the heat and lack of rain.
    Have a lovely day!
    Best wishes,

    1. Tes roses sont vraiment superbes ! on aurait envie de les avoir toutes chez soi.
      La plante qui ne tient pas l'hiver est un Cosmos Chocolat, je l'ai acheté aussi cette année, mis en pot au patio et tenterai de le garder l'hiver en véranda mais j'ai un doute sur sa reprise, en fait il faut en acheter un chaque année, du moins sous nos latitudes.
      Belles journée Marijke, encore toutes mes félicitations pour la qualité de tes photos et l'enchantement de la découverte.
      Belle fin de semaine et beau week-end (ah si nous pouvions enfin avoir un peu de pluie !)

    2. Hello dear Lisa,
      The gardens you are visiting at the moment are fantastic to see. But I think having this weather is not so nice. Take care for the sunburn. Yes the roses love it. The first flush is almost gone and it's strange to see a green garden with a spare rose flower. I remember the year before . When the roses did open it started to rain and did not stop for a long time. I want a kind of weather that is between these two (fun).
      Take care of yourself and enjoy the holiday.
      Rosehugs Marijke

    3. Hello dear Siam,
      It was an exceptional year for the roses. I never had so many flowers of it like they brought this year. But the health of the leaves is another story. Many are covered with blackspot. I always thought that this was only apearing in wet cold summers. But now the gardensoil (clay) is like a rock so dry. This evening showers were forecasted so I hoped it would bring the garden some water. But with one big bang of thunder and a drissel rain it was over. I hope we get some coming week.
      I wish you a beautiful weekend ahead.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  8. Ze bloeien zeker nog prachtig Marijke.
    En zoals ik al wel vaker gezegd heb, we moesten ze ook nog kunnen ruiken achter de p.c ;-)))
    Geniet er van, al is het nu niet fijn in de tuin wat de warmte betreft.
    Groetjes Tinie

    1. Goede avond Tinie,
      Ik schaam me om het te zeggen maar die hitte is niet mijn ding. Vanavond een klein beetje regen gehad en het is weer lekker een beetje dragelijk. En wat ruikt alles lekker fris.
      Fijne avond gewenst Tinie.
      Hartelijke groetjes Marijke

  9. Echt heel erg mooi Marijke,.
    als ik zo door de foto's heen loop met al die schitterende rozen dan waan ik me ook echt in een paradijs!!! Wat heb je toch vele rozen en wat zijn ze prachtig van vorm en kleur. het enige is nu de reuk hihi.... Mijn complimenten voor zoveel schoonheden en ook voor de mooie manier waarop je ze hebt gefotografeerd.

    Lieve groetjes, Helma

    1. Hey lieve Helma,
      Het was echt extreem mooi dit jaar. Ik kan mij niet herinneren dat er zoveel bloemen aan de rozen waren als deze maand juni. Ja ook ik zou willen dat ik bij iedere roos de geur kon vangen in een bestandje kon opslaan. Maar helaas (lol).
      Ik hoop dat jij ook volop kunt genieten van het prachtige weer.
      Lieve groetjes

  10. Reacties
    1. Good morning Bob,
      Thank you for your nice comment.
      Have a wonderful day.

  11. We are in the middle of winter here in AU with harsh winds and rains and cold weather, but reading your blog and seeing so many beautiful roses in your garden, is like having color therapy session, I can only imagine the scents and perfume! Thank you for showing your beautiful garden

    1. Good morning dear Klara,
      It's hard to believe that you arrived in wintertime in your part of the world. Maybe it's my
      age but I don't like the heath that we had. But today the temperatures droped today with 10C it's great to have the feeling that we can breath again. We Dutch are not build for heatwaves. (fun). To me my little garden is color therapy. I feel much happier when the flowers are there.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Rosehugs Marijke

  12. Just gorgeous roses to delight the eyes and the senses, and so delightful to see on your posts.. Thank you for sharing their beauty. Have a great weekend.:)

    1. Good morning Sonjia,
      I enjoy every day the beauty that the roses are bringing. And the scent with this warm temperatures was amazing.
      I wish you a wonderful weekend.
      Regards Marijke


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