A beautiful day in May

Goedemorgen op deze prachtige dag in Mei. 's Morgens nog een 
beetje fris maar 's middags een heerlijke temperatuur om heerlijk
in de tuin bezig te zijn. Een prachtig boeket van de kinderen
gekregen op moederdag in mijn favoriet kleur.

Good morning on this lovely new day. In the morning it's
fresh but in the afternoon it's fantastic to do something in
the garden. On mothersday I've got a wonder bouquet of
flowers in my favorite color.

All the work saving  the wildlife of the old pond was so worth it.
The frogfish and the larvae of the damselfly's are still in a 
container. But the new damselfly's are coming out.

The oxygenplants are growing now that temperatures are
better. So is the  Aponegeton distachyos. Lovely vanillascent on warm days

Rosa Dresdner Barock an early bloomer get's more beautiful
by each day

More flowers are opening in rose Glamis Castle

The first flowers in rosa Penny Lane

Rose Sweet Pretty

Rose Blue for You

Aquilegia in all kind of colors

Rose Deuil de Paul Fontaine

Rose Jaqueline du Pré 

Rose Louise Odier

Rose Pat Austin

Rose Abraham Darby

Rose Parure d'Or

Rose Sourire d'Orchidee

The Hosta's are doing very well. Have not seen any
snails yet!

Darmera Peltata will cover the pond soon with her lovely
huge foliage


I wish you to have a beautiful, flowerfull day!
Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Good morning dear Marijke,

    The bouquet you got was very beautiful! Your garden looks also very pretty. It must be wonderful to have roses in bloom already.
    I wish you a very nice day!
    Rosehugs, Marit

    1. Good morning dear Marit,
      It is great to welcome certain roseflowers. But what I noticed is that some flowers don't
      open the right way because of the cold they had. Never mind many to come now.
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  2. Wauw wat een schatten heb je in je tuin!

    1. Goedemorgen Mariimma,
      Het is heerlijk om mijn rozen weer in bloei te zien komen. Een feestje voor mij!
      Heerlijke dag gewenst.

  3. Hello dear Marijke
    I loved and enjoyed your pictures of your roses, I am looking foreward to see my roses, but I have a lot of other things to enjoy now. I don´t get flowers for Mothers day, I can pick them up in my garden, I rather like flowers in wintertime. I think I will have my Mothers day gift sin the weekend.
    Rosehugs and have nice day

    1. Good morning dear Lisbeth,
      I can imagine that you have so many flowers in your beautiful garden that you don't
      need a bouquet from the flowershop (fun). I can see that the buds in the roses who
      were early, are damaged by the cold that we've had. Never mind I hope the next ones
      will be oke.
      Have a wonderful day
      Rosehugs Marijke

  4. It is a great series of images of your garden, which is quite lovely. It is also very encouraging to read of the success of the pond.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words David. Yes, it's really great to see that the pond
      is on it's way to be natural again. Yesterday the pond was visited by 2 mature dragonfly's and several mature damselfly's so the quality of the water must be on a great quality again.
      Have a wonderful day,

  5. Hello, Marijke,
    I'm glad your work on renovation of the pond are going well. Your roses are so pretty, is the Rosa Dresdner Barock bred of any Canadian rose? It looks like it.
    Happy week!

    1. Good morning dear Nadezda,
      Rosa Dresdner Barock is a crossing from rose Single Red (Spinossisima) and Roxburgii Normalis (well that's what the database of Help Me Find Roses is writing. about it.
      I wish you a fantastic week ahead too!!
      Rosehugs Marijke

    2. Hello Marijke,
      Mais que de belles floraisons déjà chez toi, je suis jalouse car ici pleins de boutons mais peu de floraisons.... Je trouve que cela démarre moins vite cette saison, peut être est-ce du aux trop nombreuses averses ? au temps froid certainement.
      Je te souhaite une très belle journée et même si la pluie revient disons nous au moins qu'elle nous soulage des corvées arrosage.

    3. Good morning dear Siam,
      I think my roses are early because it's a very small one where the cold wind has no free play.
      And I only prune my roses once in 3 years. What I notice in many roses that the flowers having a strange form caused by the cold I think. We did not have any rain but it's still desperate needed. So the warm temperatures and rain forecasted for the weekend will give the garden a boost I think.
      Have a wonderful weekend ahead!!
      Rosehugs Marijke

  6. Inderdaad een prachtig boeket Marijke maar ook je foto's daaronder zijn prachtig om te zien.
    Groetjes, Helma


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