Flowers 25th of May

Op deze dag maar een paar druppels regen en dat was het. De rozen
schijnen deze warmte toch wel heel erg fijn te vinden. Maar alles gaat
zo onwijs snel met die warmte. I ga maar per dag posten want er gebeurt
te veel in mijn tuintje. Super bedankt voor jullie berichtjes ik zal ze later
nog beantwoorden. Ik ben veel te druk in mijn tuintje aan het genieten.

On this day a vieuw drops of rain but not the amount of water my little
garden would like to have. We don't have weather that often like as it is this month.
Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you will understand that I replay later
on it. I am to bussy enjoying my roseflowers at the moment.

This is the year of rose Evelyn. In the 5 years that she is in my garden it's
the first time that is doing so beautifuly well. I am convinced now that this rose
neat the heath that we are having now.

The first flower I see from rose Dutchess the Montebello since 3 years. Digged out
3 times and eaten on soillevel by my dear doggy. And there she is.

Always a special moment for me to see the first rose of Gallica Merveille. It's 
my beautyqueen.

I love roses having dark colors. Burgundy Ice

Midnight Blue


Queen of Sweden

I have to find a way to see the flowers of Madam Iscaac Pereirre. The flowers 
are to heavy for the shrub

Louise Odier

Commandant Beaurepaire

The special flowers that Erinnerung an Brod is giving.

Felicite Parmentier came into my little garden this spring.

Sold to me as Maidens Blush but it is not. Have no idea what it is.

The flowers of rose Loure Davoust are small but so lovely

The Pilgrim

Marie Curie

The first time I see a bud from new Mossrose Deuil de Paul Fontaine

The flowers of the rose are extremely huge this year Jude the Obscure

Rose Heritage


rose Metanoia

Madame Plantier 

My gardenassistant helping me digging a hole for my new roses. The clay soil is like
a rock.

The new one from Denmark Baron von Bonstetten. I hope she will make it.

Also from Denmark Black Boy

Doubting many times to get this rose Souvenir de la Malmaison out of my
little garden. This weather is fantastic for her. So she can stay after
seeing the beautiful flowers.


It's always very exciting to wait for the first flower from a rose
that's new in my garden Kaiser Wilhelm I

Rose Sir Edward Elgar.

Ambridge rose not an easy one in my garden.

Penny Lane

Crown Princess Margaretha. 

Pat Austin

Compassion I love it.


Havenly scented rose Chartreuse de Parme

Beautiful rose Asperinrose. helas not scented.

I wish you all a wonderful day surrounded with flowers

Rosehugs Marijke


  1. Marijke, I am speechless: your garden looks terrific! So many roses and so healthy looking, my roses never, ever look that great, I am so jealous! Have a wonderful week full of Roses!

  2. Hello MDN,
    My garden is 20 years old now and I can't remember having so many beautiful flowers as it brings
    this year. The temperatures are high for a couple of weeks now and there was no rain. Something that's not normal for the month of May. The roses love the heath and the days full of sunshine.
    When I look back to other years my little garden looked much different. The people who are organising the rosefestivals are in trouble. Everybody expected that the roses were in full bloom around 16 june but when the weather goes on like this there will not be any flower at that time.
    Have a wonderful rosy day!!
    Rosehugs Marijke

  3. Hello
    I have enjoyed all the pictures of your beautiful roses. Nice to see them all, specially Jude the Obscure.
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

    1. Hello Lisbeth,
      Jude de Obscure is a beautiful one. And this may the flowers were extremely huge.
      Have a wonderful day.
      rosehugs Marijke


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