Flowers May 27th

Gelukkig is het voorspelde noodweer aan ons voorbij gegaan. Ik hoop dat het
bij jullie ook meegevallen is met het weer. Hier is een heerlijke, welkome regen
gekomen. Vanmorgen was het zo heerlijk om de frisse lucht in te kunnen ademen.
En de tuin haalt ook opgelucht adem. Gelukkig geen schade hier. Sommige rozen
moeten een beetje ondersteuning krijgen vandaag.

I am happy that the forecasted heavye thunderstorms were not at the place
where I live. Overhere we've got a nice amount of rain. Early this morning
it was fantastic to breath in the fresh air after the rain. The garden is also enjoying
the water. I am happy that I have no damage in my garden. Only I have to gave
certain roses some support.

The posted photos are from last sunday. It's not easy for me to photograph
the garden.  When I do my garden looks nothing.

Fantin Latour


In front Abraham Darby at the back Compassion

 Sourire d'Orchidee

On the left  the huge James Galway has an overload of buds

 And this is my new beaty called Pretty Sunrise. Ofcourse I made to
many photo's of it.

Penny Lane at the top. 

Felicite Parmentier

I have no name for this rose. Ordered as Maiden's Blush but it is not. I think it's a gallica.
I love it and no regret's that it is not what I've ordered. I love it.



 Kaiser Wilhelm I

Burgundy Ice


Souvenir de la Malmaison

Winchester Cathedral

First flower of Leander

 Buff Beauty

Sebastian Kneipp


I love every stage of a roseflower even when it's faded. Minerva

 Chartreuse de Parma. I am amazed about this rose how long the flower stays

Sir Edward Elgar

 The roseflowers are extreem huge this year Evelyn almost 14 cm

I wish you a wonderful day.




  1. Hello dear Marijke,

    Lucky you! Rain and roses must we have :)
    I wish you a wonderful day.
    Rosehugs, Marit

  2. Marijke, your garden looks gorgeous, it's a rose paradise, I'm so jealous! Here the rain is back and roses are reduced to a bunch of sticks with few diseased leaves holding on for dear life, very sad.. now I just have to wait till july to prune them. Have a wonderful day full of roses!


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