For me it's partytime

Gisteren weer een zon overgoten dag en vanmorgen vroeg was de lucht donker
grijs. Ik dacht  ja een beetje regen voor de tuin. Maar na een paar druppels was het
over. En de rest van de dag was weer prachtig. 

Yesterday we had another summerday. This morning the sky was grey and
I hoped we would get some rain. But all we got were a couple of drops.

Maidens Blush


Golden Showers

Eugene de Beauharnais finaly opened up yesterday

Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavallee

Rose de Resht


Not an easy one in my little Garden. Evelyn

Sir Edward Elgar


 Commandant Beaurepaire

Marie Curie


Mme Isaac Pereirre

The very beautiful Chartreuse de Parme

Kaiser Wilhelm I. I hope it will survive

After 3 years I am fnaly going to see a flower in Dutches de Montebello
my dog loves to chew on it.


Abraham Darby

 The Pilgrim

Louise Odier

Parure d'Or

Sourire d'Orchidee

Queen of Sweden

 Purple Splash


I hope this one is finaly showing flowers. Most of the time her flowers
end up in brown balls because of the rain.


I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.




  1. Chapeau! Marijke your roses look spectacular! I can't decide which one is the prettiest, all look wonderful and so healthy, perfect foliage I am so jealous now. The Queen of Sweden is a rose I dream of growing in my garden one day and I am also impressed by Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavallee, what a beauty! You are blessed with a climate that roses love, wish a wonderful day full or Roses (even more!)

  2. Hello dear Marijke
    I have enjoyed all your roses, they are so lovely.
    Rain will not come, unfortunately!
    Rosehugs Lisbeth

  3. Wat een weelde aan rozen Marijke, wat me opvalt is dat je nu ook best veel ouderwetse Franse rozen hebt, het blijven mijn favorieten.
    Groeten, Janneke

  4. Hello dear Marijke,

    How lovely your roses are! I love them all ♡

    Have a lovely day!

    Rosehugs, Marit

  5. Marijke, these are absolutely GORGEOUS, and to have so many blooming all at once!
    My favorite here is Eugene de Beauharnais. What a breathtakingly beautiful color.
    Have a great rest of the week, sweet friend.


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